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Honorable Chairman

Mr. Buchi Reddy sir is the architect of Gayathri Junior College and has transformed the vision into reality by establishing many quality institutions within a short span of time. The credit for the rapid and meteoric rise of all the institutions goes only to him. It is his dedication, dynamics, and guidance that have elevated the institutions to international standards. His wisdom is to make Gayathri Junior College, a premier academic institution, recognized globally for its contribution to industry and society through excellence in teaching, learning, research, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Gayathri Junior College is actively attempting to strengthen an academic ecosystem in which an industry-oriented curriculum is delivered using contemporary teaching and learning pedagogy leveraging Digital Technology and Innovation. We are confident to create a bold impression in fulfilling the dreams of aspirants towards the betterment of the society and county as a whole by infusing more and more valuable knowledge resources. It also aims to facilitate the process of getting into IIT, NIT, and many more reputed institutions

Chairman’s Message

On behalf of Gayathri Institutions, I invite you all to join us on this magnificent journey into the future.

His Academic Credentials are listed below.

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