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We have well-experienced faculty members to train students who opt for Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. MPC is a subject that offers wide career opportunities for students. When you choose the right academy and get trained under experts, you achieve the highest career goals.


Gayathri Junior College provides a combined program course to prepare you for IPE along with major competitive exams such as IIT JEE (Mains & Advanced), BITSAT, and NDA. Join the program to land into India’s best B.Tech college by scoring great at IPE intermediate exams and getting the best rank in competitive exams.


Join the IPE + EAMCET course program at Gayathri Junior College and get a rank in IPE and EAMCET to get into one of the best colleges in Telangana. We have a team of experts who teach & clear the basic to advanced level concepts. You will get proper concept-oriented teaching which would help you prepare for IPE + EAMCET exams.


Gayathri college provides faculties who have extensive knowledge to train students who choose Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Our faculties give proper guidance and knowledge to make students excel in their respective fields.


Join the dual IPE + NEET program at Gayathri Junior College and prepare for IPE and NEET together. Land into the right college by cracking the exams like NEET along with the scoring top in IPE intermediate exams. The student-friendly environment at Srinarayana assists you in understanding the concepts in an easier way. The faculty members hold the best industry experience which helps the students in the overall program.


Prepare for both IPE + EAMCET exams with Gayathri Junior College to score the best and land your desired college. Get intensive teaching for IPE and EAMCET under expert faculties, clear the basic to advanced level concept doubts to land into one of the best colleges.


MEC is a subject that can help you create a firm grip on managerial concepts. You can select MEC course as per your aptitude knowledge, interest, and skills. Gayathri college provides the best faculties to provide you with extensive knowledge and help you build a brighter career in the field.


Prepare for both IPE and CA together to score excellently in both IPE & CA-foundation with Gayathri Junior College.  Get concept-oriented teaching from basic to advanced levels under experienced faculties.

G-30 IPE

Prepare for the MEC IPE examination to score the best with Gayathri Junior College. Get trained under expert faculties who guide and teach all the concepts thoroughly needed for the IPE intermediate program.


Get proper guidance and training under expert professionals when you choose to select Civics, Economics, and other Commerce subjects. Gayathri college has a team of expert faculties to provide you with comprehensive knowledge and proper guidance.

G-50 IPE

Get well prepared for the CEC IPE exam with Gayatri Junior College so that you top the examination with an excellent score in your intermediate. You get an environment that focuses on concept-oriented teaching, comprehensive study material, and competitive culture to help you in every aspect. Also, you can clear the basic to advanced level doubts with our expert faculty members.

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