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Gayathri Junior College Executive Team

Mr. B. Srikanth Reddy - MBA (Managing Director)

Mr. B. Srikanth Reddy sir is the managing director and mentor of Gayathri Junior College. His deep insight into education complements his MBA and provides a clear vision to transform education through academic rigour, practical orientation, and outcome-based teaching. He also sets the guidelines to develop and implement a relationship of cooperation between industry and academia. He encourages and empowers career exploration, goal-setting, networking, and resource discovery.

Sir guides the team in managing schedules, faculty payroll and instructional pedagogy, and other study programs. His inputs in managing a comprehensive academic support program are immense and his guidance and wisdom are the torch bearer to students on academic goals, study habits, and career selection.

Mr. Bhargav Reddy - MBA,M.COM (Managing Director)

Mr. Bhargav Reddy Sir, a postgraduate in Commerce and management is a true example of the best educationist. He inspires young learners and brings in current innovative teaching and administrative practices. He is also a facilitator in taking care of each and every need of the faculty and students guiding them assiduously to pursue and achieve the targeted goals. It is his commitment to continue to be at the forefront of providing the best tertiary education to the students and acting as a catalyst in shaping a bright and sustainable future for our nation and that of the whole world by acting as a bridge between the education community and the community at large.

He motivates every student to undertake impactful research addressing local, national, and global challenges and to be lifelong learners with strong analytical and leadership skills. He truly believes that each and every student has the potential to turn themselves into global professionals, entrepreneurs, and scientists with innovative spirit, tolerance, and desire to make a difference in society in a harmonious manner.

Mrs. Harika Reddy - M.pharm (Managing Director)

Mrs. Harika Reddy is the backbone of Gayathri Junior college.  she has more than a decade of experience in administration and manages every work in a meticulous manner.  A distinction holder in M. Pharmacy and also an expert in fostering the all-around development of students through a multi-faceted education and sustained engagement with local, national, and global communities, and nurturing lifelong inspired learners from across the globe. She strongly believes in:

Academic Excellence:  The college constantly endeavors to achieve the highest standard of excellence in research, teaching, and learning across disciplines. Continuous assessment, and rigorous practice sessions with time-bound framework in alignment with the student need analysis.

Intellectual Growth: The college aspires to encourage the growth of the intellect by continual engagement through debate, group discussion, and innovation.

Commitment towards Holistic Development: The college is committed to the social, economic, cultural, and spiritual development of its students and faculty members by filling in a sense of social responsibility.

Accountability: The college is committed to promoting accountability among its stakeholders by nurturing transparency, respect, and tolerance.

Service to the Nation: The college is committed to national development by cultivating the virtues of social inclusiveness, communal harmony, national integration, and economic development with a scientific bent of mind.

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